Hi! My name is Gergely Nagy from Hungary. I am a man of adventures. I go hiking a lot, travel the world, help organise children camps and build my online MLM business. Also I am a teacher and have my own class full of students who I really love. 

“Everything starts with a good coffee.”  – This is the slogen I’ve chosen for my blog, because every video you see about I’m traveling and dancing around the world, about my hikings and about my DXN network marketing business has started with changing my regular coffee in 2009 to a special one, that is not much more expensive, but much more efficent and healthy because of its special ingredients.
I had a lots of pre-conceptions about the MLM industry, I had really bad impressions about this kind of business before. But after I tried this coffee, I fell in love with it and started to work with the company, which is called DXN. I’ve never thought that I could be able to do a direct marketing business, I was never been a professional sales man.. but when DXN came into my life it changed everything. I just started to share my expreiences with this coffee and boom, everybody loved it.
Since 2009 I’ve became a leader in this company. With my business partners we have built a network consisting 22.000 members who consume the products of DXN and a lots of them also earn plenty of money with it. I do my business in Hungary, but I have a global network. I have comsumers and business partners all over the world. Exactly in 60 countries. It was possible because DXN’s concept of “One World One Market”.
After I started to work with the premium quality healthy products of this company I started to change my lifestyle also. I started to look for new adventures and achivments in my sportlife so I began hiking. My biggest achivment is I do a 100 km hiking in 24 hour every year.  Also I started to travel the world for free, because this is a gift every year from DXN for those who are succesful in the business. Please take a look and have fun watching my dancing around the world video.
I give thanks to God for this opportunity which has changed my life. I’m really happy that I can live a life I dreamed of and do what I like (teaching children) without worry about the low payment teachers get in Hungary.
This is why I think that “Everything starts with a good coffee.” If you want it to change yours too, contact me, I will help you achive your goals.


So there is a mushroom called ganoderma lucidium, which is known for thousands of years in the chinese medicine culture and now the modern science has started to study it for about 30-40 years because of it’s effective way helping our body to be healthy.

DXN is the biggest ganoderma company in the world which grows this mushroom in a very special way in Malaysia to make sure you don’t just get a minced ganoderma but you get a properly growed and processed mushroom extract which contains only the efficent and healthy parts, nutrients which can be absorbed by the body. And they had that briliant idea to mix it with premium quality coffee so nobody forgets to consume it everyday. And it makes the coffee healthier and because of the ganoderma lucidium’s ingredients the coffee will refresh you more efficiently and it won’t hurt your heart nor your stomach.


The Ultimate Money Machine I’d rather have 1 percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts. – This is what makes MLM effective and productive. This is why I have these numbers below, which show how big my network grew in 10 years.

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